About Us

Our aim: fresh, 100% chemical-free produce

Established in 2005, we are Natural Agriculture™ growers of English and Japanese vegetables herbs and fruit.

Based in Lewes, in the county of East Sussex, England, we were among the first growers in the UK to pioneer the agroforestry method known as ‘alley cropping’ and to attempt to use conservation biological control in a commercial free-of-subsidy setting. After 15 years we still use no pesticides, no fungicides and no herbicides – not even approved organic chemicals.

The vast majority of our crops are grown outside for a nutrition and flavour boost from nature’s harsh environment. Although our ‘slow-food’ methods mean a shorter growing season, the result is a taste second to none and a shelf-life many times longer than shop or wholesaler-sourced produce. We do not buy in from other growers or wholesalers – everything we supply is grown by us on our land. Our pre-dawn harvests ensure customers receive produce that is only 2 to 12 hours from being picked; this freshness again ensuring maximum nutrition, taste and shelf-life.

Launched in June 2009, our vegetable boxes are extremely popular across East Sussex and London. Our boxes are delivered on the day of harvest, ensuring the customer receives the freshest produce and the very best flavour.

Our delivery options are simple: enter your postcode at checkout and you will be offered either Home Delivery or a list of Collection Points. Home delivery is available for BN1 – BN10 postcodes – but if you would like your postcode to be considered, please contact us.

We supply a number of top-end London and Sussex restaurants with our unbeatably fresh and flavourful produce. Our produce is always delivered on the day of harvest, and our slow-grow methords ensure incomparable taste. To register your interest in our products, use the form on our contact us page. 
Some of the restaurants we supply:

Robin and Ikuko

Founders of NamaYasai