Udo: Japanese Asparagus
(Aralia cordata)

Nutritional Information:

Rich in potassium.
100g raw stem contains:
220 mg potassium
7 mg calcium
9 mg magnesium
25 mg phosphorus
0.2 mg iron
0.1 mg zinc
0.04 mg manganese
0.02 mg vitamin B1 0.01 mg vitamin B2 0.04 mg vitamin B6
4 mg vitamin C
0.2 mg vitamin E
2 µg vitamin K
19 µg folic acid

How to Enjoy it:

Eat raw or cooked.
Udo seedling (click for full sized image) Goma 15 weeks after sowing (click for full sized image)
Udo seedling April 29th Udo 14th June transplanted
Udo 10th September (click for full sized image) Udo Flower Buds (click for full sized image)
10th September - growth has been rapid! Flower buds 10th October

New crop sown in December 2005 - no produce will be available for sale in 2010 as we increase our stock.