Tatsoi: Rosette Pak Choi
(Brassica rapa narinosa)

Nutritional Information:

Rich in potassium, calcium and vitamins A (Retinol+[Beta-carotene/6]) and C, tatsoi is much more nutritious than the pak choy more commonly available in England (pak choy is known as chingensai or qing gin cai in Japan). In particular tatsoi has almost twice as much potassium and phosphorus and nearly three times as much vitamin K.
100g raw leaves contain:
29 mg sodium
430 mg potassium
120 mg calcium
23 mg magnesium
46 mg phosphorus
0.7 mg iron
0.5 mg zinc
0.38 mg manganese
2200 µg beta-carotene
180 µg retinol
0.05 mg vitamin B1   0.09 mg vitamin B2   0.12 mg vitamin B6
31 mg vitamin C
1.5 mg vitamin E
220 µg vitamin K
65 µg folic acid

How to Enjoy it:

Leaves can be eaten raw in salad. Large rosette leaves are good in stir-fries and tasty boiled - cook like Pak Choi.

Tatsoi at 3 weeks (click for full sized image)

Tatsoi 7 weeks after sowing (click for full sized image)
Tatsoi seedlings 3 weeks after sowing Tatsoi 19th May 2006 - 7 weeks after sowing

Tatsoi harvested (click for full sized image)

Tatsoi mature plant (click for full sized image)
Tatsoi harvested leaves 11th June Tatsoi plant as sold at Lewes farmer's market August 5th (just over 8 weeks after sowing)

Produce normally available from May to November.