Shishitou: Japanese sweet-hot pepper
(Capsicum annuum var. grossum)

Nutritional Information:

This is a small (6 to 8cm long weighing 7 to 10 grams) wrinkled green pepper that is usually sweet, but often has a hot kick - especially later in the season. Delicous raw, roasted or stir-fried.
100g raw fruit contains:
1 mg sodium
340 mg potassium
11 mg calcium
21 mg magnesium
34 mg phosphorus
0.5 mg iron
0.3 mg zinc
0.18 mg manganese
530 µg beta-carotene
44 µg retinol
0.07 mg vitamin B1   0.07 mg vitamin B2   0.39 mg vitamin B6
1.4 mg niacin
57 mg vitamin C
1.3 mg vitamin E
51 µg vitamin K
33 µg folic acid

2010 Update:

This year we are also growing Manganji and a new Purple Shishitou.
Shishitou seedling (click for full sized image) Shishitou 3 months after sowing (click for full sized image)
Shishitou seedling Shishitou 3 months after sowing
Shishitou 5 months after swoing (click for full sized image) Togarashi fruit (click for full sized image)
Bearing fruit at 5 months 19th August: a good harvest!

Produce normally available from early August until the end of October unless killed by early frosts.