Nigauri: Balsam Pear
(Momordica charantia)

Nigauri seeds (click for full sized image)
Nigauri seeds are unusual!
Nigauri emerging (click for full sized image)
Nigauri emerging after 11 days
Nigauri flower buds (click for full sized image)
Flower bud - males first
Nigauri flower (click for full sized image) Nigauri fruit (click for full sized image) Known as 'Goya' in Okinawa, the fruits are
eaten when young, since they become bitter
as they mature. Leaves can also be eaten and
are richly fragrant - they are rich in calcium,
magnesium, potassium, phosphorus and iron.
Fruits are rich in vitamins A, B and C,
phosphorus and iron.

On-going research suggests compounds in the
fruits may be effective in treating diabetes.

Flowers are more ragged than melon 2nd August - first female buds!

Produce usually available from late August to early November.