Useful Links:

Japan in Sussex
Learn more about Japan with the Former Sussex Japan Society

The Institute of Science in Society

Rothamsted Centre for Bioenergy and Climate Change

Reading University Crops and Agro-ecosystems Research

Sussex Energy Group - based at the University of Sussex, this local powerhouse of knowledge and rational, unbiased thinking is producing some excellent reports that are extremely relevant to current decision-making by governments, businesses and the man in the street.

Warwick Crop Centre R & D

Self-Willed Land

Plants for a Future (Ken Fern)

JIRCAS - Japan International Research Center for Agricultural Sciences

Nutrition - Food Compososition Databases (7th edition 2015) at MEXT

Interesting Blogs:

Wild Plants Post - Plant ecology, evolution and ecosystem functioning by Joseph Craine in the U.S.
Radix - Root crop research and ruminations by Rhizowen in Cornwall

The language of plant conversations (not a blog!) - Plant Signaling & Behaviour