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The Victory Team
Victory Team
   The last delivery of 2010 was on Friday 26th and the season is now finished. For anyone ready to travel and visit us however we will continue to harvest gobo (minimum order 2kg). We hope to resume deliveries in April or May 2011.
   We would like to thank all our 2010 customers, every one of whom has given us the strength and desire to continue despite numerous set-backs. Also a big thank you to everyone who has helped us in the field this year - this makes a huge difference, whether the help is for one day or for six months. For us, just an hour of sharing some work can leave a happy memory lasting a year or more!.
28/05/2015 Globe Artichoke at Namayasai
Young Nashi at Namayasai
   Edamame, kabocha, shiso and egoma (sesame leaf) are now going out onto the field and we should have daikon ready for harvest in a couple of weeks. This year we have good supplies of all main seasonal lines and are able to accept new restaurant and Japanese vegetable box orders. In our rather-too-sandy field the experimental globe artichokes are growing well as are a new crop of Jerusalem artichokes and a test crop of garlic. Some young nashi trees are forming fruit and we have won the battle against goldfinches on the gooseberries. Warabi has been popular ths year but this week is the last in the season.
25/10/2015 Nashi at Namayasai
Japanese quince at Namayasai
Gobo at Namayasai
   In September this year we harvested our first Asian pears ('nashi'). A few of the Japanese quince bushes had fruit and the English quinces have been popular this year with restaurants. Wild blackberries sold well as have the wild sloes, now nearing the end of the season with some 40kg sold. Daikon has grown exceptionally well this year and we have a good supply of large daikon, the biggest this year having weighed in at 3kg! Naga-negi, kabocha and the last of the edamame is currently boosting the vegetable boxes whilst the last of the English beetroots (only white left) are going out to restaurants. Just taking off is the gobo (Japanese burdock) season and we have good stocks this year.
03/12/2015    The last London deliveries were completed on 27th November and we cannot supply restaurants now until next season. Finally in November work was started on the new glasshouse, levelling the site - the next step is the concrete foundations and we welcome offers of help! The very first yuzu fruit is ripe and ready to pick, probably to be used by Yoshinori Ishii at Umu later this month following a special delivery on the 11th. It has been another hectic year and we thank all our customers for their support this season. Glasshouse Site at Namayasai
Glasshouse Site
Yuzu in Sussex at Namayasai
The first Yuzu
Yuzu in Sussex at Namayasai
fruit in Sussex
From 2016    We now grow a wide range of fruit from Apricots to Yuzu. Currently the best way to keep up to date is to follow us on Instagram (best) or on Twitter. Instagram @Namayasaifarm