Kyuuri: Nutritional Information

1st kyuuri (click for full sized image) 95% water. Japanese cucumbers are reputed to be firmer, crisper, sweeter and with fewer seeds than English cucumbers; however, since this is a new crop we cannot give reliable information until later in the year.
100g raw Japanese cucumber contains:
200 mg potassium
26 mg calcium
15 mg magnesium
36 mg phosphorus
1 mg sodium
0.3 mg iron
0.2 mg zinc
0.07 mg manganese
330 µg beta-carotene (vitamin A)
28 µg retinol
0.03 mg vitamin B1
0.03 mg vitamin B2
0.05 mg vitamin B6
14 mg vitamin C
34 µg vitamin K
25 µg folic acid
1st kyuuri: harvested late at 510g and 29cm  

How to Enjoy it:

Eat raw or cooked.
For pickling, roll in salt, put into a container and press with a weight overnight.

July 2006 update: definitely much sweeter (truly delicious!) than English cucumbers but the number of seeds is roughly the same, unless harvested very young.
Cut 14th July (click for full sized image)
  Cut 14th July and tasting very sweet

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