Kabu: Sweet White Turnip
(Brassica rapa)

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Kabu (click for full sized image)
Fresh kabu 11th May
Kabu Harvested (click for full sized image)
Kabu harvested 2nd July

Nutritional Information:

The leaves are more nutritious than the roots and are an excellent source of calcium and the vitamins A, C and K.
100g leaves contain:
330 mg potassium
250 mg calcium
42 mg phosphorus
2800 µg beta-carotene
41 µg cryptoxanthin
230 µg retinol
82 mg vitamin C
340 µg vitamin K
100g root contains:
280mg potassium
24 mg calcium
28 mg phosphorus
19 mg vitamin C

How to Enjoy it:

Slice the raw root and mix in a salad, cook in a stew or cut into bite-sized pieces and roast in the oven for 15 minutes. Leaves taste good in soup, can be cooked in boiling water for 1 minute and eaten like spinach, or the young leaves can be eaten raw in a salad. The red kabu - both root and stems - keeps their beautiful colour even after cooking.
Kabu weighed (click for full sized image)
Weight varies between 90 and 340g
but the average is 140g
Packaged for sale (click for full sized image)
Packaged for sale

We can normally supply fresh kabu from May to November.