Hakusai: Chinese Cabbage
(Brassica campestris)

Nutritional Information:

High in potassium and calcium.
100g raw leaf contains:
220 mg potassium
43 mg calcium
10 mg magnesium
33 mg phosphorus
6 mg sodium
0.3 mg iron
0.2 mg zinc
0.11 mg manganese
92 µg beta-carotene (vitamin A)
8 µg retinol
0.03 mg vitamin B1
0.03 mg vitamin B2
0.09 mg vitamin B6
0.6 mg niacin
19 mg vitamin C
0.2 mg vitamin E
59 µg vitamin K
61 µg folic acid

How to Enjoy it:

Raw in salads or cooked. Sweet, with a crisp and watery texture.
Hakusai before transplanting (click for full sized image)
Hakusai KN2 before transplanting

Hakusai ready for harvest (click for full sized image)
Prior to harvest

Hakusai harvested (click for full sized image)
Harvested and outer leaves removed

We can now supply fresh hakusai from June to November, as heads or loose leaves.