Gobo: Edible Burdock
(Arctium lappa)

Nutritional Information:

A good source of minerals such as manganese and phosphorous.
The carbohydrate inulin can comprise up to 50% of the plant's total mass. Burdock stimulates the uterus, so it is recommended that pregnant women not consume burdock.

100g raw root contains:
320 mg potassium
46 mg calcium
54 mg magnesium
62 mg phosphorus
0.7 mg iron
0.18 mg manganese
1 µg beta-carotene
(trace) retinol
3 mg vitamin C
(trace) vitamin K
68 µg folic acid

How to Enjoy it:

Gobo root can only be eaten raw when very young, otherwise it should be cooked by boiling for 2 minutes or sliced and stir-fried. The strong large leaves make an excellent organic cooking foil for meat.
Gobo seedling (click for full sized image) Gobo at 10 weeks (click for full sized image)
Gobo seedling at 2 weeks Gobo at 10 weeks

Gobo at 15 weeks (click for full sized image)

Gobo harvested (click for full sized image)
Gobo at 15 weeks+ (5th July) Gobo harvested 26 weeks after sowing

Produce normally available from late September until May.