Edamame: Harvest

Edamame Pod (click for full sized image) This batch started flowering on July 1st - first harvest was thus 6 weeks later. This variety produces approximately 20 pods (weighing 60 grams) per plant.
We sell edamame 'on the stem' to maintain freshness, flavor, and quality. Only the leaves are trimmed off.

On 1st September the first Edamame 'GF' was harvested - 14 weeks after sowing and 6 weeks after flowering - and the taste compared with the earlier variety 'RH'. We found it sweeter, truly delicious and definitely the better of the two. Pods on 'GF' are more in number and higher off the ground.

Edamame Harvested (click for full sized image)
Edamame Pod 18 weeks after sowing

  Edamame harvested - over 60 pods!

Edamame Raw Open Pod (click for full sized image) Edamame contains much lower levels of trypsin (a protein-digesting enzyme secreted by the pancreas) and phytic acid (which reduces availabilty of phosphorous, protein, calcium, magnesium, zinc and iron) than field-dried or grain soybeans. Cooking for 3 minutes inactivates 95% of these anti-nutritional properties.

We took 25 of our freshly-harvested pods and found they weighed 88 grams (500g = 142 pods).

Edamame Harvested (click for full sized image)
Edamame raw open pod   Edamame cooked and ready to eat

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